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2nd Sunday of Epiphany 17 Jan 2021 
The King of Israel deserves a crown befitting of His glory and majesty, one made from the finest materials and most costly jewels. But the coronation that the world sought to give Jesus was with a crown of thorns. The amazing fact in all of this is that this is how He has chosen to display His glory. His glory is in His humble sacrifice of love to redeem sinners. “Crown Him with many crowns, the Lamb upon His throne” (LSB 525:1).

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Linked to Each Other

As Pastor mentioned in the New Year’s Eve sermon, here is the “Linked to the Lord – Linked to Each Other” page that was handed out at the end of service.  While many make New Year’s resolutions to lose wight, get more organized and the like – perhaps you can make the resolution or challenge yourself to be “Linked” to more people.  On this sheet there are the 52 weeks of the year listed out.  The challenge is to do a random thing for at least 3 people a week.  Perhaps you can buy a box of “Thank You” cards at the store and write the simple message of: “Thank You for being a blessing to me and the many people you serve each day.  May God bless you today and always.”  Then you can either sign you name, sign your name and put “Member of St. Paul Lutheran Church” under it, or just but “A Friend from St. Paul Lutheran Church” in the signature section.  If we did these 3 random acts each week, we will be linked to 156 people in 2021.  Perhaps instead of a year where people may be tempted to focus on the negative and the things they can’t do, this can be a year where we are a great blessing as members of our church family to others.  These blessings can be done to people we know, complete strangers, and those who live near or far.  So let us rejoice that each day we give thanks that we are “Linked to the Lord – Linked to Each Other.”  May the Lord richly bless you in 2021 and always.

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